A client of mine sent me this email and I wanted to share it, because I thought that many of you might have similar questions about the New Moon Intention setting process. 

I have two questions on setting intentions during a New Moon: 
1. How many intentions should I set? One site recommend 10 but I image focusing a few good and important ones is better than setting your mind on too many things.
2. What does “setting intention” at certain time mean? Do I write them down during that time? Do I focus on them during that time? Do I keep those thought away during the voc moon? How long would it take to “set my intention”?”
Here is what I responded: 

 “In regards to your questions: I usually do between 3 and 5 Intentions per month, however, there is no set rule to this. Check in with yourself and if you sense that after writing down 5 intentions, you have another one that wants to be written down, go for it 😉
Write your intentions down in the present tense and make sure that you feel that your intentions are attainable for you. Let yourself be inspired by your intentions rather than feeling weighed down by them.
It is best to align your Intentions with the New Moon energies that are active for this particular Lunar cycle. Feel free to watch my New Moon videos to understand those energies. To see what area of your life is most affected by each New Moon, please look at your own birth chart to see where the degree and sign of the New Moon lands in your chart. If you don’t know how to do that, please watch my video: “How to Read Your Birth Chart” or join my Monthly Forecasting Forums.
As far as the timing goes, the first 48 hours after a New Moon are the most potent to set Intentions. It’s the best time to go within and check in with yourself what you would like to seed for the next 28 days. Once you have tuned in with yourself, you can write your intentions down.
If there is a Moon void of course (VoC) during the first 48 hours after the New Moon becomes exact, it is best to wait until that phase is over, before setting your Intentions. You can check on Moon VoC phases on my website. I write about them in my weekly forecasts. If you would like to have access to those, feel free to become a Universal, or Star Member on my site.
Once you have written down your intentions fold the paper or put it in an envelope and place it somewhere safe. I usually put the paper with my Intentions underneath my pillow. Again, there are no set rules, do what feels most resonant for you.
Approximately 4 days after the New Moon, when the Moon sextiles the Sun, is the best time to take actions on the intentions that you wrote down. At the time of the Full Moon, take a look at your intentions and see what has developed since and what still needs more developing”.
There is one exception: When there is a Solar Eclipse (which is a very powerful New Moon), it is best to wait with setting your intentions for 48 hours after the Eclipse becomes exact. Here, setting intentions last for the whole Eclipse cycle, which is 5.5-6 months long. You take actions on those intentions after Eclipse season is over (this can vary — usually this is after the next New Moon/28 days later). Feel free to also go to my website and check out the FAQ section, or refer to another Note on my Facebook fan page called: Setting Intentions after a Solar Eclipse.
Happy New Moon! 
Love and blessings, 

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