Coaching-Healing Sessions with Sonja Francis


Are you curious about life, open-minded, focused on evolution for yourself and your world?

Do you believe it is valuable to be aware, kind and conscious – and are striving to be more so?
Would you like to grow in your relationships, or in other areas of your life?
What would your life look like if you had emotional, spiritual, & mental support right now?

Before all the conditioning and programming, you were pure open energy — and beneath it all, you still are. Each individual coaching session is tailored to your specific needs, bringing you back to your true self, your higher self — place of inner calm.

Release blockages, fears or beliefs that have been holding you back — and live your life from a place of acceptance, open-heartedness and possibility for growth and expansion.

Regular sessions are 50 minutes long. Your first session will be 80 minutes long. Coaching packages are available at a 15% discount for Universal Members and at a 25% discount for Star Members.

In the past few decades, world-class business people, public speakers and others who face demanding and rigorous professional demands have sought coaching to help them be their “personal best.” For centuries, top athletes have used coaches; they understand that the only thing that will get them through the finish line is their own commitment combined with skilled support.

Now, more and more people from all walks of life are making a commitment to having a coach that sees their potential 100%, gives them pointers and supports them, no matter what.

When you are seeking to go beyond your current level--personally, financially, emotionally, spiritually, or in all areas of your life–Sonja can show you how to fine-tune your perceptions and help you to create awareness, clarity and skill that catapult you forward in a meaningful way.

“Thank you so much for the insightful and powerful session you gave me today! Looking forward to our next session” — Jay B.

Why Astrology and Coaching?

Astrology is a really great tool to understand yourself better and to help you align with your highest potential and with the energies as they are moment to moment. The coaching method Sonja uses in addition to her astrology practice is called The Sedona Method.

The Sedona Method is a wonderful tool to use for releasing fears, “old” belief patterns, suppressed feelings — really, any energy blockages that keep you from being your very best Self.

Sonja has chosen the Sedona Method because it is a gentle, yet effective technique that has supported her personally and many of her clients over the years with releasing the “old” programming and conditioning that our day-to-day mind is attached to.

Sonja’s Coaching/Healing sessions help you connect to who you truly are and who you choose to be moment to moment. This creates happiness within you and opens up greater space for your growth and evolution — from a loving place, not a fearful one.

Coaching/Healing sessions are meant as a support system for in between Readings, and in addition to the Astrology Readings Sonja offers. However, you can do Coaching sessions without receiving a reading as well.

Sonja took time out of her personal schedule to have an emergency coaching session with me.  Thank you, Sonja, for your expertise. I have peace of mind now.” — Tatia B.


Coaching and Site Membership

Coaching sessions can be purchased with or without site membership; however UNIVERSAL Members receive a 15% discount and STAR Members receive a 25% discount on all available Coaching Packages.

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