Frequently Asked Questions

with Sonja Francis

Q. Can I just get an astrology reading without coaching or vice versa?

Absolutely! However, extraordinary things can happen when the two are combined.

Q. Can I work with you if I don't live in the Pittsburgh area?

Absolutely, I deal with my clients across several continents entirely via Skype, FaceTime, zoom or phone.

Q. If I do live in the Pittsburgh area, can I see you in person?

Yes, you can. Contact me via the Contact Sonja page and I’ll give you more information.

Q. What is a Natal Chart Reading?

The natal chart shows us the planets as they were at the time of your birth. During a Natal Chart Reading, you will uncover your life’s potential; more importantly, you learn how you can direct those unique talents and energies to have a life you love. We will also look to see how the current transits are affecting you in your life right now to support you in making powerful choices for your future.

Q. What is a Solar Return Reading?

Birthdays are very special. At the moment of your birth, the Sun occupied a particular position in the sky. Every year on your birthday, the Sun returns to this position, marking the beginning of a new cycle in our lives – the “Solar Return.” With a Solar Return Reading, you can see how to make the most of your Personal New Year™. Learn what challenges and opportunities lie ahead; generate your life from a place of conscious creation. Every year builds on the year before; a year of empowerment and greater self-knowledge will not only bring its own satisfaction, it will also create a building block for the rest of your life. Start the year as you mean to go on: with a higher level of consciousness. You can schedule Solar Return readings up to 3 months before your birthday and up to 3 months after your birthday.

Q. How often shall I get an astrology reading from you?

I believe it is most valuable to get a reading every six months at the most; if you have the urge to see me more often than that, we can arrange a coaching session; and I will include some astrology updates for you.

Q. Can you give me a brief description on what your approach is with coaching?

The coaching method I use in combination with astrology is called The Sedona Method. It is a wonderful tool to use for releasing fears, “old” belief patterns, suppressed feelings… really, any energy blockages that keep us from being where we want to be. For myself — and also speaking from my experience with my clients — is a really great tool to understand ourselves better and to align ourselves with our highest potential, and with the energies as they are moment to moment; allowing life to be in alignment with our growth process. The Coaching; is a supportive tool in releasing the “old” programming and conditioning, that our day-to-day mind is attached to; therefore we connect to who we truly are and who we choose to be moment to moment. This creates more happiness and a greater ability for growth and evolution — from a loving place, not a fearful one. You can book one coaching/healing session at a time. You would do that on my Services page. If you wanted to work together for an extended period of time, there are also packages available. Feel free to email me and I will send you the package discounts.

Q. How often shall I schedule a coaching session with you?

This depends on each client’s needs. It is hard to say in advance what is the best fit for you. In general, most of my clients connect with me on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Q. Can I hire you for an event or a party?

Absolutely! I love doing events and parties, whether it is a birthday, or a baby shower or any kind of event. If you want to schedule something with me and find out more details, please contact me via my Contact Sonja page I will make sure that you and your guests will have an amazing experience.

Q. Do you teach astrology?

Yes, I offer one-on-one tutoring lessons and online courses. My clients tell me it feels wonderful to be able to read your own chart and it is always a good thing to be able to interpret the planet’s energies that work within us. Both tutoring and the courses are perfect for brand-new beginners and those who need a brush-up on the fundamentals or want to expand or build upon the knowledge they already have. To inquire about studying with me reach out via my Contact Sonja page or check out the Online Courses page.

Q. How is Soul-Based astrology different from traditional astrology?

Soul-Based Astrology has a different philosophical approach than traditional astrology. It is still based on the Western, tropical system (same as traditional astrology), but the approach is that of viewing the birth chart from the soul’s perspective, to see what we have come here (the earth plane) to do, to fulfill on our soul’s journey and our soul’s purpose.

Q. What is the best way to set New Moon Intentions and when?

The best way to word your intentions is to phrase them in the present tense, as if they are already happening. Connect the intentions to the energy of the sign that is connected to the New Moon; so if the New Moon is in Capricorn, align you intentions with the Capricorn energy (long-term goals, career, commitments, responsibilities, authority-figures, inner authority, etc.). The best time to set intentions is the first 48 hours after the New Moon has become exact; and it is always best to avoid any Moon void of course (VoC) phases. Please check my weekly forecasts for exact times on Moon VoC phases. If a New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse, you want to wait 48 hours after the Eclipse has become exact, before setting your Intentions — however, as with a regular New Moon, you still want to avoid any Moon VoC phases.

Q. Why get a life or relationship coach?

Because you want to have an extraordinary life that works smoothly and well. When we are seeking to go beyond our current level, we need someone to show us how to fine-tune our perceptions, creating awareness, clarity and skill. For centuries, top athletes have used coaches; they understand that the only thing that will get them through the finish line is their own commitment combined with skilled support. In the past few decades, world-class business people, public speakers and others who face demanding and rigorous professional demands have also sought coaching to help them be their “personal best.” Now, more and more people from all walks of life are making a commitment to having a coach that sees their potential 100%, gives them pointers and supports them, no matter what. Why not give it a try?

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