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Monthly Forecasting Forum

Wednesday, July 19th

In this 90+ minute live webinar, Astrologer Coach Sonja Francis will review current significant astrological events and guide you in interpreting how they can personally impact your life.

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“In this Forum, we will talk about Mercury’s and Chiron’s Station phases.

We will explore Mercury’s journey in more detail:

Shadow phases, Station phases and
its Retrograde phase in Virgo-Leo
(Aug. 5th-28th).

How discerning and heart-centered are you?

Chiron in Aries will be exalted (station) from July 14th – August 9th!
Starting its yearly Retrograde phase on July 26th at 23.5º of Aries.

What is in your face around the Wounded Masculine? ” – Sonja Francis

Sonja only does 12 live webinars a year. This is a very easy and inexpensive way to discover the deeper meanings of significant current astrological events and find out how to use this information to attune with universal energies, accelerate your path, gain insight into issues you are dealing with and make positive change toward living your best and highest life right now.

Whether you are new, relatively new to astrology, or an experienced astrophile, you will come away with powerful and valuable insights into yourself, your relationships and the world. In this 90-minute webinar…

  • Sonja shares what’s coming up for the month, astrologically speaking
  • You’ll get a chance to take a look at your own birth chart in relationship to the upcoming energies
  • Sonja will guide you in understanding how these energies impact you personally
  • Sonja will give you tips on how to work with the energies and resolve potential issues before you find them taking place in your world

Other than booking a reading with Sonja, this is the highest level of support she offers. Remember, this webinar is interactive — you’ll be able to ask Sonja questions and use your birth chart actively. Attendees will be guided in seeing how the upcoming energies impact us each personally by looking at where the energy patterns land in the birth chart. 

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This product includes an MP4/video presentation of the most current webinar. If you’re interested in aligning yourself with the upcoming energies, this is for you! Sonja highly recommends you watch her “How to Read Your Birth chart” class before attending her Monthly Forecasting Forum.

37.00 (Early Bird Pricing: $32)

“What I loved about the Monthly Forecasting Forum is Sonja’s soulful approach to astrology, keeping it in the positive, learning and growing for our higher good. It’s not fear based astrology which I have come to see too much of. Sonja is extremely patient and kind, and a true teacher. I look forward to learning and growing with this beautiful soul.” 

“Thank you for the awesome webinar, Sonja. I really enjoyed the full interactive experience. Having this real time exchange makes a huge difference to the learning and understanding of all these patterns and energies. I love the question and answer section, especially since we get some advance indication of what the topics will be. I have been an amateur astrologer for many years but I learned an awful lot very quickly in this setting. So much fun. See you next time!” 

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