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"Right from the First Session..."

Right from the first session I gained greater personal understanding enabling improved self-awareness and greater discernment.

Anna, UK

"Genuine Guidance"

Sonja is an amazing person who truly provides genuine guidance.


"I Feel So Much Better"

I feel so much better … like our reading last night was the beginning of this new chapter for me.


"What a Change It Has Made!"

Sonja, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you have done with me. I can not put into words what a change it has made to my life.

Penelope, UK

"Hit the Spot Right On"

It was a great experience talking with Sonja. She hit the spot right on. I can’t say how grateful I am.

Pak Meng Cham

"No Astro-babble"

There’s almost no astro-babble in Sonja’s reports. It’s all about how the energy translates in day to day life so that the layperson can understand and benefit. It’s like hanging out at a coffee shop with a good friend.

Clete F.

"Deep Understanding"

I want to thank Sonja for her deep understanding in what was going on in me personally and as a human being.
Her input has supported me to move on and do what I want in my life. With joy,

Aleksandra V.

"Soothed My Soul"

I feel now that I am definitely on the right path… It has soothed my soul and I can breathe a little easier knowing that the universe will allow events to play out in my life when the time is right and I don’t need to rush or push things. Love and blessings,


"Soul Regeneration"

Sonja has been a HUGE part of my internal growth and soul regeneration this year. I just found her online and see that as extremely timely and felt that GOD led me to her.

Jacque J.

"Exceptional Posts and Videos"

Wonderfully thought-provoking, informative, kind and loving posts and videos!!

Susan W.

"Filled with Love and Compassion"

Sonja’s interpretation is great and so much filled with love and compassion. Thank you for being the beautiful person that you are.

Marie-Alice A.

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September 21st – 27th

Things Intensify -- Forecast for Sept. 21st - 27th   This week's headline items: Monday is the best time to start taking action on our New Moon intentions, while on Tuesday, Saturn's and Pluto's Station intensify, and the Sun changes signs from Virgo to Libra (marking...

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September 14th – 20th

Discernment (or Careful Evaluation) -- Forecast Sept. 14 - 20   This week's headline items: Mars, Jupiter & Pluto are still exalted/stationing all week, and Saturn's Station phase begins on Monday -- it will be slowing down, getting ready to end its 4.5-month...

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New Moon/SuperMoon in Virgo Join me as I share about several upcoming astrological events: * New Moon/SuperMoon in 25º of Virgo (exact on Sept. 17th, 2020 at 7am EDT)    4:37 * What is a SuperMoon?    0:24 * Lots of planets in Earth-signs    2:15 * Four planets...

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September 7th – 13th

Allow a Sense of Flow -- Forecast for Sept. 7th - 13th   This week's headline items: Mars comes to a halt on Wednesday early evening, starting its 2.5 month Retrograde phase. The last Quarter Moon in Gemini becomes exact​,​ Thursday early morning; Jupiter comes to a...

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August 31st – Sept. 6th

Both Attainable & Nurturing -- Forecast Aug. 31st - Sept. 6th   This week's headline items: the Mars Station remains intense all week (see last  Friday's entry for more details); the Full Moon in Pisces becomes exact on very early Wednesday; Mercury changes signs from...

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