Saturn-Pluto alignment — article

On Jan. 12th at 11:59am EST, a Saturn/Pluto alignment in almost 23 degrees of Capricorn became exact. (we’ve been feeling the effects of this aspect since Dec. 5th, 2019; it will remain strong until Feb. 19th, 2020).

The last time we saw a Saturn-Pluto alignment was in November 1982, and then again in May-June, 1983; back then it was in a late degree of Libra, the time before then was in August 1947 in 13º of Leo — as you can see this is quite a long cycle — anywhere from 32 – 38 years, in fact.

It’s time to think seriously about what no longer works for us, both individually, and collectively; this is a time when dedication and commitment to goals runs high and we are more reliably and consistently productive. We derive satisfaction from a job well done, especially if we can readily find meaning in what we are doing — and are more able to concentrate, as we can see ourselves and our purpose very clearly, and also see that our persistence will pay off.

The invitation to adjust our expectations becomes obvious; any trials and tests that emerge now will nudge us onto the right path and challenge us to become stronger and more confident in our own abilities. Do your best to detox and de-stress.

Facing realities that we have conveniently avoided is definitely part of this transit. With any long-term cycle, you can set some intentions around what it is you would like to create, so ask yourself


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Do you have your Ascendant, Career Point (or personal planets) in 20-26 degrees of Capricorn, Aries, Libra or Cancer? If so, you will be more affected by this aspect. This is also true for those of us who have our Ascendant or Sun-sign in Capricorn or Scorpio (Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn; Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio).

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A Deeper Look

T-Square (Nov. 2016 – April 2017): Since Nov. 2016, we’ve been experiencing a T-Square involving Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Libra, and Uranus in Aries. Given that this is a powerful and fairly long-lasting aspect, I figured I would write a special blog entry about it.
Let’s first talk about what T-Squares are in general, before diving into the specifics of this particular one:
The first thing you need to know is that T-squares are very dynamic aspects, that keep us “on our toes”, constantly growing. We can learn a tremendous amount when we work actively and consciously with the energies involved in a T-Square. 
So what exactly are they?
Imagine a dinner table with four legs. Now remove one of the legs. You now have two legs “opposite” each other and a third one at right angles to each of the other two; together, they make the shape of a “T”. 
This is not a very stable, well-balanced table, as it has an “empty” spot where a leg should be.
Likewise, a T-Square is a formation of 3 planets that together form the shape of a “T” in a chart — two form an “opposition”, the third one usually “squares” them both. 
The third planet is known as the “focus planet”. Just like our table, this planet has an “empty leg” directly across from it in the chart.
Why does this matter? Because the “focus planet” in a T-Square brings more stress, and thus a more urgent demand for our growth. We resolve and relieve that stress, and thereby ease the growth process, by bringing the focus planet’s higher expression to that “empty leg” in the chart. 
Let’s get down to the specifics of this particular T-square:

As previously mentioned, it involves Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Libra, and Uranus in Aries. All of these planets have been within 5 degrees of each other since the T-Square formed back in November and will remain so until early April. Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries form the “opposition” legs of the table, while Pluto in Capricorn is the “focus planet”.
This is a very powerful combo.
It’s asking us to be completely honest, with ourselves and others, about our intentions and motivations — especially around long-term goals. We are also asking this of our leaders right now, we want them to be honest, to have authentic intentions.
This aspect brings the message that each of us has the power to make a difference in the world… that we need not just give our power away to world “leaders” or “influencers”. It’s saying “We all have power, we all can make a difference — Own that! Seize the moment! Take up your courage with both hands and move forward!”
We are at a turning point: Empowering others is now key! Notice when you try to force your beliefs on others — that could introduce an element of disempowerment for them and us.
There is also some tension between relationships and long-term goals. We may ask how our relationships support us in accomplishing those long-term goals. At the root of this are seemingly conflicting desires: We want to expand our experience of harmony, balance and collaboration, all while passionately building something empowering over the long haul. It’s not always easy to “square” these energies.
As best as you can, stay flexible, make adjustments, find creative solutions when it comes to these very different desires and focuses. If we feel boxed in to something inauthentic, we may rebel or act contrary. This will be even more true within our relationships — this could bring in some restlessness or instability, perhaps related to our business relationships or long-term goals. 
As best as you can, don’t take things too personally — and stay as flexible as possible. Allow there to be breakthroughs, shifts, changes. As always, change could be uncomfortable — perhaps because we like what’s familiar — or because we want change so badly that we can’t handle the in-between phase that comes will all transitions… it’s an invitation to stretch ourselves and step into the unknown.
Here’s some “self-coaching” questions to ease you on your way:
What if that “something unexpected” around the corner was guaranteed to change my life for the better? What needs to be eliminated? Changed? What would “courage” do? What if I simply surprised myself, right here and now? 
Let’s look at some other facets of this T-square. Earlier, we mentioned that the “focus planet” is Pluto in Capricorn:
This T-square is thus asking us to stretch and grow along another dimension: we are invited to empower ourselves in the world by connecting to our “feeling body” and by developing a deeper understanding of our physical and emotional needs (especially for safety).
At the same time, we are also invited to stretch ourselves to create a more authentic and empowered society — one that honors the unique, individual contribution of everyone — one capable of owning its fears and less attractive characteristics. How might we bring this about? The best place to start is to honor ourselves and express our unique spark. 
All of this accelerates the breakdown of long-standing patterns: we are invited individually and collectively to resolve core karmic lessons — shifting from an old paradigm to a new one. What might a “new paradigm” be?
How can we accomplish change without discounting input from others? 
What if change were something we could simply allow, rather than something that involved aggression?
As best as you can, take it one moment at a time, there is no need to rush anything 😉 Ask yourself: Could I allow myself to be uncomfortable, just for right now?
The position of this T-square in our birth chart shows the area of life in which we are developing not only courage and initiative (Aries), but also diplomacy and collaborative spirit (Libra), together with responsibility and integrity (Capricorn). 
This T-Square is also asking us to redefine personal and collective freedom. We are invited to release old patterns, particularly around gender, so we can each fulfill our unique role at this critical juncture on Earth. Much like the 1960’s, we are laying the groundwork for future generations right now.
Just as was true then, we need to let our vision direct our thoughts and actions, rather than our fear. Simply know that it is possible — and that you are part of what makes it possible.
That said — and somewhat paradoxically — bringing forth a global consciousness based on freedom, equality and mutual benefit, will mean addressing what lurks in the shadows: our unconscious… the suppressed, feared, denied, ignored, shameful, etc.  In other words, the inner work not only continues, it informs and enables the vision.
So, I ask myself (and invite you to do the same): What are my true motivations? If fears were driving me, what might they be? 
What might shift if I faced those fears — acknowledged them, brought them out into the open? 
What if I allowed myself to surrender to my own higher power, or to my passionately pumping, wildly open heart? Trust your inner truth!
By definition, a better future pretty much always requires doing different things, or doing things differently, so be ready to correct your course or set a new one… Is there another path that leads to the goal? What if it were possible to take responsibility and be flexible at the same time? 
What if I forgave myself for just a moment? Even for limitations I still have… even for fears… maybe even for my phobias… for all the “stuff” I still carry around, whether from a past life or this one?
As you can see, we are asked to let go of our fearful conditioning, and embrace a vision that calls for us to “live into” the highest version of ourselves. 
This will mean we take an innovative approach both to who we are personally, and to our interactions with others. The same is true of our perspective on justice, we’re asking ourselves: what is just? We’re seeking harmony and balance.
Life is so short in relationship to the life of the planet. That we are not in this body for very long, means that there is a certain degree of urgency — almost like a responsibility — to make it count for something. If we are like a single drop of rain in a mighty rainstorm, why not at least be a drop that makes a ripple when it returns to the ocean? Who knows, perhaps as your ripple meets others, it might create a beautiful resonance with everything around it — a harmony that ripples down through eternity…
I therefore invite you to be passionate about life. Why not fully express our uniqueness? After all, that’s what will create the shift. It’s what moves other people. It’s the best and easiest way to touch each others lives.
We are definitely being pulled in many different directions with this T-Square, personally and collectively — radically different.
And, as regular readers of my Weekly Forecasts know: Self-care is therefore critical. Why do I say this?
It’s this simple: if we don’t maintain our physical bodies, we will not be able to maintain the pace, or meet the demands placed on us right now. 
The empty leg of this T-square being in Cancer, it emphasizes that message: we are reminded to nurture ourselves, especially (once again) our “feeling body”. We are being invited to pay attention to our basic needs — for love, acceptance, control, safety & security, etc. 
As best as you can then, take breaks — or at least slow down and allow yourself to relax. It’s important to explore ways to stay centered and grounded — seek tools or people to help you with that exploration. This is true always, of course, but holds especially true until the end of the T-Square in early April.
Some of us struggle with this. Perhaps we think “I don’t deserve that” or “I’m too busy — my function in the world is more important than the body that performs the work.” Some of us hear “self-care”, and think “selfish”.
When you think about it, though, selfish behaviors are generally coming from fear. And who is served when we neglect our physical or emotional health?
I invite you to reclaim the term “self-care” for love. Aren’t you as deserving of your love and support as any “external” person? Where and how could “self-oriented” motivations serve you and others?
“Self-care” doesn’t have to be a trip to Hawaii — we’re talking about simple things, like making sure that we eat mindfully, drink plenty of water, exercise, get plentiful rest. This is about letting in affection from friends, family, or pets. It doesn’t matter what your current energetic or financial situation, you can always find some way to let some nurturing happen 🙂
What (or who) brings you comfort and support? How can you nurture yourself in these times of change? 
What if empowerment in the world came from being in touch with our “feeling-body”? What might we accomplish if we simply asked for what we need?
In other words, “self-care” means connecting to whatever feels supportive, in order to stay grounded and regenerate; this is particularly important right now, because we are feeling very action-oriented.  If everything else is moving fast, it’s good if we slow down, become the eye of the storm. If nothing else, at least we can do our best to roll with the punches, while standing in our power.
If you’d like some help with this, watch my Full Moon in Gemini video — towards the end, I invite you to do a quick experiment with me, using simple questions from the “Sedona Method”. This can support you in feeling more grounded and present (the Sedona Method is one of the main techniques I use in my coaching practice).
All of this not only empowers us, it also make it easier to empower others — and remember that while force comes from fear and righteousness, true power always comes from love and openness.
Those of us who have personal planets or points (ASC/MC) in 14-28 degrees of Aries, Libra, Capricorn or Cancer, will feel the effects of this T-Square more strongly. 
For more support with this T-Square, feel free to reach out for a Reading or a Coaching/Healing session: click here for more info

Pluto Station: Transformation Ahead

A Pluto station takes longer than any other planetary station, because it moves so slowly — and it’s intense.

For a few weeks, before and after a Pluto retrograde phase, as Pluto starts to turn retrograde, or starts moving forward again, its teachings will reveal themselves. It is just about impossible to understand what is taking place when you’re inside a Pluto turnaround. There is no way to grasp the immensity of such a tremendous event until you’re past it. With Pluto making a challenging aspect to Uranus these days, this ups the ante; we are experiencing some very powerful internal changes.
On a personal level, this energy takes us to the depth of who we are, it will go to the deepest and darkest places, until we are ready to let go and surrender to our higher Self. When it’s starting to speed up its forward movement; it is then we will most likely start to see the bigger picture emerge. This can give us the power to make deep changes in our lives.
Pluto’s energy is known as the transformer — bringer of endings and beginnings — endings of things that no longer serve us and beginnings of that which moves us closer to our true soul purpose, our deepest passion. Pluto is an all-or-nothing energy; it is about empowering ourselves from within and empowering others by being truthful to who we are, by expressing our highest purpose, by tapping fully into our true nature.
If you are willing, you will be experiencing a very powerful new beginning. We are being asked to take a big jump and grow beyond old, self-imposed boundaries.
If you have anything in a mid degree of Libra, Capricorn, Aries or Cancer in your natal chart, this time is going to affect you in a very profound way. As best as you can, keep your focus on the things you want to create, rather than on the things you don’t want to create. Let yourself be still and peaceful.
Could you allow yourself to open your heart, even if fear is present? Are there any attachments or obsessions in your life right now that are no longer serving you? Could you allow yourself to release them and relax into your heart-center? Could you be open to experiencing true power from within? What would it look like if you were truly powerful, from a place of love, not fear?
People born in the 70s have their natal Pluto in Libra. With natal Pluto in Libra we are being asked to transform our relationships and feel empowered through them, in them (and empower ourselves and our partner) by being truthful to who we are. If you were born in the mid-late 70s, you will make a profound change in how you do relationships. Be open to grounding yourself in who you are and allowing things to end that need to, so you can experience a powerful new beginning that serves you and your Soul’s journey.
Many blessings,

The Uranus-Pluto Dance of Personal & Global Growth 2011-2017

 Uranus/Pluto squares: These outer planets move more slowly through the sky and their influence is very powerful. We started to feel the approach towards the first square already back in Spring of 2011, the last exact square will be in 2015. And we will still be able to feel the effects fo this combo until 2017.

As these two planets move through this sequence, the energy rises and falls like a slow-moving, powerful tide that reaches a high point as the square becomes exact, then slowly subsides. All seven of these squares are connected to our personal and collective evolution towards greater freedom and authenticity — and also our ability to create something that serves ourselves and others over the long-term. (more…)

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