Pluto in Aquarius until 2044


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Watch this 120 minute webinar to see how Pluto’s Journey through Aquarius (March 23rd – June 11th, 2023, Jan. 21st – Sept. 2nd, 2024, Nov. 19th, 2024 – March 2043, and Sept. 2043 – Jan. 2044), impacts you personally!

We also covered Eclipse Season (April 6th – May 19th, 2023)

What are the next 20 years about? Collectively and Individually speaking?

  • Where does Aquarius fall in your own birth chart?
  • Where does Scorpio fall in your own birth chart?
  • Where is your natal Pluto?
  • How does Uranus’ transit impact Pluto’s Journey through Aquarius?
  • What Houses are impacted by the Pluto in Aquarius-transit? What about the Eclipses?
  • Do you have personal planets or angles in the fixed signs? (Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, Scorpio)

How can each of us create a future that empowers most?

Where do we all need to dig deeper, so we can transform our communities? Our future?
How does group consciousness empower or disempower you?

“Very helpful, Thank you so much” — Lea C.

“Very helpful, thanks!” — Meredith D.

“Thank you so much!” — Ashley A.

“Thank uuu!!” — Francesca V.

“Thanks, Sonja!!” – Angela 

“Thanks for a great forecast. Blessings!” – Jazmin 

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