Monthly Forecasting Forum – April 24th


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In this 90 min. webinar we will talk about the Jupiter/Uranus alignment in 22º of Taurus!

Live on April 24th, 2024 at 5pm EDT/2pm PDT/10pm London-time

Where are you asked to make a quantum leap?
Where do you need to create more space and have an abundant attitude?

This planetary alignment will be exact on April 20th — but we will feel this alignment most strongly until May 19th, 2024

Where have you been blessed with a sudden clarity?
What is asking for progress?

Send your Questions in advance! Once you have purchased this webinar, you will receive an automated email to do just that (check your junk mail if you don’t see it in your inbox). Questions will be answered in the order they have been received.

💫“Once again, thank you Sonja.  You are always very generous with your time. Your mini readings via your webinars are always insightful and helpful.  A special opportunity you offer us. Thank you!” 💫 — Julienne A.

If you would like to join live, please keep in mind that registration will close an hour before the live event begins, if you register after that time you will receive the mp4-video presentation of the webinar.

Already a Star Member of Sonja’s online community? You are automatically registered every month; watch out for the email to join on the day of the webinar.

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In this live 90-minute webinar, Sonja shares what’s coming up for the month, astrologically speaking. You’ll get a chance to take a look at your own birth chart in relationship to the upcoming energies and better understand how these energies may impact you personally.

You will be able to attend the Forum live with Sonja and other participants and ask questions. Also included is an mp4/video recording of the webinar whether or not you are able to attend live.

**Registration also includes access to the current Members Full Moon video!

More information available on the Join the Monthly Forecasting Forum page.


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