On July 17th at 2:32pm EDT/7:32pm London time, the New Moon becomes exact in 25 degrees of Cancer; this is the beginning of a new Moon cycle. Feel free to also watch my New Moon video on the subject.

This New Moon is powerful in that it makes aspects to all the outer planets (Neptune in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn & Uranus in Taurus). With this many outer planets actively involved in this New Moon chart, we are invited to do some deeper Soul-work. The New Moon also squares Chiron, the wounded Healer!

We have two planets in their Station phases and thus exalted: Venus in Leo & Chiron in Aries. Both of them are preparing for their upcoming Retrograde phases; Venus is also involved in a YOD aspect with Neptune & Pluto (again, two outer planets).

Another thing worth mentioning with this New Moon chart: the Moon Nodes change signs only 90 minutes after the New Moon becomes exact (into Aries-Libra).

This 18-month journey begins with a Square to Pluto in Capricorn (exact on July 23rd and & 28th) which will be within 5 degrees of the Moon Nodes until Dec. 8th, 2023! — but before we unwrap the meaning of all of this, let’s first talk about the Cancer archetype:

Cancer is the first water sign of the zodiac, as such, it relates to the development of the “emotional body” — so this Moon cycle amplifies feelings, instincts, and needs.

Cancer represents the yin, receptive principle, which births, nurtures, and protects life. The Sun and Moon in Cancer remind us that we must also receive as well as give. Both constant giving and constant taking are unhealthy and unsustainable.

Our feeling nature has been denied and suppressed for millennia, but we have begun to embrace it more fully since 2011, when Neptune started its journey through Pisces.

Feelings are an essential source of information about our true needs — they are a dashboard that tells us what is healthy for us. When we don’t heed that information, we become dependent on others for validation and direction, or lose ourselves in addictions and distractions.

With this New Moon occurring in protective, introverted Cancer, we are invited to surround ourselves with quality and safety; we can expect anything connected to home, family, real estate, or childhood issues to be heightened in our awareness for the next four weeks.

This New Moon highlights the importance of listening to our feelings, focusing on Self-care, healing old wounds from the past, and releasing unhealthy patterns that keep us stuck in the past.

Cancer is all about supporting and protecting life, but many of us are conditioned to ignore our own bodies and our environment — along with our inner life, feeling-bodies, and emotional/spiritual connection to other life forms.

This creates a disconnect not only from our true selves but also from the rest of the world. Many of us tend to put little value on emotional intelligence, but it’s very hard to have meaningful, authentic connections without it — and it begins with self-connection and self-awareness.

Ask yourself: What might I do differently if my feelings were just little children that wanted to be heard? What price might I be paying for denying or suppressing their little voices?

Cancer reminds us that water and life are inseparable. Water corresponds with feelings: both must flow. Stagnant water breeds disease and suppressed emotions can likewise make us ill.

Ask yourself: Could I simply allow myself to feel my feelings without needing to understand them? Without needing to know why I am feeling what I am feeling? Without launching into problem-solving? If nothing else, could I try this out as an experiment, just to see what might transpire?

And here’s a bonus question: What would the healthy mother-archetype do?

The Cancer energy is connected to family and home (this could be a physical or emotional “home”). Given this, a shift with past issues around feeling “at home”, “safe”,  or “nurtured”– both internally and in the world — might move to the forefront in the next couple of weeks.

Internally, this is about being more rooted in our physical-emotional bodies, and allowing ourselves to explore and celebrate the mother-archetype both within and without — things like giving and receiving nurturing, caring for ourselves in terms of our emotional and physical state, and so on.

Ask yourself: Am I rooted in fertile ground? Am I thriving? What else do I need to flourish and grow? What has changed for me in the past 3 years in that regard? How does Self-care show up in my life now vs. then?

Now, let’s talk about some of the aspects of this New Moon chart:

The New Moon in Cancer makes a Trine to Neptune in Pisces, an Opposition to Pluto in Capricorn, a Sextile to Uranus in Taurus, and a Square to an exalted Chiron in Aries. So let’s unwrap that…

The Trine to Neptune (currently in its Retrograde motion) supports an inner “flow state” and emotional connection to loved ones; spiritual and creative endeavors are favored with this combo. Our capacity for compassion is quite strong as well, both for ourselves and others, and we are feeling especially intuitive.

Ask yourself: When I tune into myself what do I feel connected to? What if I tune into life itself? What from my past is asking to be released? Where is it time to open myself up fully on an emotional level?

The Opposition to Pluto (currently in its Retrograde motion): we may take an all-or-nothing attitude toward others, this could drive some tension or oppositional behaviors, so as best you can, remain flexible, and practice self-care — take good care of your emotional and physical body.

As best as you can, trust what resonates, what rings true, what empowers and connects — rather than what agitates and polarizes.

Ask yourself: What is my motivation for achieving something out there in the world? How about at home? Where might the balance point be between home/family and career/long-term goals?

How might a deep focus on self-care or emotional authenticity serve me at this time? What needs to transform so I can feel more empowered?

It will also help to remain aware of whether we empower ourselves and/or others in our interactions — for example, taking things too personally is not recommended.

Ask yourself: How might a focus on nurturing myself feel empowering to myself and others?

The Sextile to Uranus provides an opportunity to connect with others and share a new vision about the Earth, physical matters such as finances, or a reinvention of how we connect with “the good things in life”.

Ask yourself: What if the whole Universe was intelligent? What if that included every cell in my body? What knowledge would my body want to share with me? How could I use these new ideas to support my emotional and physical well-being? What feels the most nurturing?

Before the talk about the Square to Chiron, let’s talk about the two exalted planets of this New Moon chart:

Venus in Leo & Chiron in Aries: we can expect to feel their energies more strongly until early August.

With Venus exalted, we are invited to pay even closer attention to what matters to us, our values, likes & dislikes, preferences, as well as how we spend or invest our money, what brings us joy, what doesn’t, and what’s important at this time (and whether we can express it). What or who do we love? What needs to change?

Venus comes to a halt and starts her 6-week Retrograde phase on July 22nd. Chiron comes to a halt and starts its 5-month Retrograde phase less than 12 hours later, on July 23rd.

We will cover Venus’ Retrograde phase in courageously heart-centered & self-expressed Leo in much more detail on Aug. 2nd, 2023 at 5pm EDT in our next Forecasting Forum. If you would like to know how the planet of (self-) love, relationships, and money matters is impacting you personally, feel free to join us.

We will look at our own birth charts, and I will take you through this process step by step, so you can understand the impact on your own life, even if you are not a seasoned Astrologer.

There will be an Early Bird registration fee for everyone who jumps in fast. That reduced fee is available until July 31st! (A 15% reduction from the regular fee). After July 31st the price goes up.

Now, let’s talk about the exalted Chiron in Aries: we are invited to pay even closer attention to the healing of the wounded masculine archetype within us — how we handle anger, impatience, our desire to dominate, be independent or “show our strength”, etc. (for example, perhaps it doesn’t feel ok to be that way, maybe even the thought brings up shame, and so on…)

Now, let’s talk about the New Moon’s Square to Chiron: This asks us to stretch ourselves. Our past conditioning and wounded sense of Self may be out of harmony; we are invited to make adjustments and, as best as we can, find creative solutions to seemingly insoluble situations.

Ask yourself: What if I gave myself permission to make space both for healing around my self-identity (in other words, for recognizing the limitations around my persona), and for taking care of home or family issues?

As best as you can, take this as an opportunity to make space for feeling vulnerable or emotional, without seeing yourself as weak or “less than”. It is perfectly ok to be yourself, and that may involve feeling insecure once in a while — so give compassion and love to yourself and others. After all, we are all human…

Ask yourself: Where does the wounded masculine cry out for my compassionate awareness (or even my love)? What if I gave it also to those who have not been able to model masculine energies in an “acceptable” way? What if I extended that even to myself, if and when I fall into that category? Even if I get triggered?

Remember: Anger can be a reaction to a boundary violation, and/or a cover for another emotion — often fear, sadness, or shame.

For those of you who want to have a better understanding of your personal healing journeyI recommend watching: “Chiron in Aries — Healing the Wounded Masculine

Mercury’s Trine to Chiron in Aries gives us some support — it makes is easier for us to connect with others, socialize, and take a compassionate approach toward ourselves and others, especially when it comes to our identity, personal goals, and passions.

We feel more confident to connect and communicate without seeing ourselves as weak or “less than”. We feel perfectly ok to be ourselves, and that may involve feeling insecure.

Ask yourself: Could I allow myself and others to be human? What if I talked about my flaws, idiosyncrasies, and insecurities? How might this support my own healing process? Someone else’s?

Mercury also squares Jupiter in Taurus. With this aspect, we may have to learn about our assumptions, our thinking processes and our social conditioning.

“Listening” might not be our strong suit at this time: we may want to share our personal thoughts and joy without limitations, and are thus inclined to exaggeration, often unintended.

Ask yourself: What if honoring my physical reality, helped me listen to myself 5% more? What might become possible with growing my own personal resources if I were 5% more aware of the assumptions I am making at any given moment? Or of my expectations? Am I expecting too much of myself? Too little?

Venus in Leo is also involved in a Yod aspect with Neptune & Pluto. A Yod consists of two Quincunxes — aspects that signal inner discomfort and the need for some adjustments.

Both Quincunxes are pointing towards Venus in Leo, making Venus the Focus of this aspect, so the adjustments in question must be made so we can value ourselves, and connect from an authentic, heart-felt place, even if it feels uncomfortable.

For the next 28 daysask yourself: What do I feel when I honor my heart? What do I need to express that is dear to my heart — even when fear is present? Even when I want to turn inwards or escape life? Even when it feels uncomfortable to do so?

How can I be courageous in my self-expression without dominating others? Could I permit myself to get in touch with my inner child — and allow myself to have some fun?

Could I refrain from getting attached to things going “my way”? What if “pride” was able to take a back seat? What if I focused on gratitude, giving compliments, connecting to my inner joy, and being playful instead?

Another thing worth mentioning with this New Moon chart: the Moon Nodes change signs only 90 minutes after the New Moon becomes exact (into Aries-Libra).

We covered this 18-month journey in our last Forecasting Forum, and you can get access to this 115-minute webinar, right here, right now, normally it’s $37.00, but for the next seven days (until July 22nd), it is available for the special price of only $33!

I highly recommend watching this webinar! It is super informative! It will help you understand the lessons and meaning behind the transiting Moon Nodes in Aries-Libra and your individual journey in connection with relationships & self-identity over the next 18 months!

The ongoing Moon Nodes’ Square to Pluto in Capricorn indicates that we are at a turning point — individually and collectively speaking! This is a huge opportunity to release past patterns that we’ve been carrying for decades — including those that span generations.

We may feel an obsession (or tremendous passion) for career achievements and economic autonomy — but also out of control or fearful about our economic future.

Ask yourself: What am I most scared about regarding my standing in society or my long-term achievements? Do I have concerns about authority figures? My own authority in the world?

Where do I feel “out of control”? Where am I trying too hard to self-protect or control an outcome? What if I surrendered all my fears and trusted the divine power within?

Am I ready for some profound changes? Where am I looking to create more empowerment in my life? What about the lives of others? What needs to happen so I can shift my current situation? What role does “trust” play in all of this? Am I allowing myself to hear the deepest calling of my Soul?

Pluto always invites us to integrate the opposite sign it’s in for balance and true empowerment. While in Capricorn, that balance comes from nurturing, protective, introverted, home & family-oriented Cancer.

We are invited to empower ourselves at home, with loved ones, and by focusing on self-care and whatever feels nurturing to our inner baby.

This is an invitation to balance our obsessions around an empowered career with our focus on getting plenty of rest, healthy nourishment, and affection.

Ask yourself: What would a powerful approach to self-care look like at home? With family? Elsewhere?

How might nurturing myself support my self-connection? My connection to others? The world at large? How might it support my career ambitions? What if self-care was the first step toward meaningful achievement?

The term “self-soothing” resonates beautifully here. Ask yourself: What does self-soothing mean to me? What would that look like? How could I nurture myself to the point that I am at once connected to others and yet completely independent?

Mars — the ruler of Aries, currently moving through Virgo — opposes Saturn in Pisces (currently in its Retrograde motion). We are invited to live in moderation now — but this may be frustrating, as we face tests or trials that remind us that pushing too hard or fast doesn’t always get us the results we want. It’s time to slow down a little and catch our breath.

Ask yourself: What would it look like if I took things one step at a time? What is the reality of a situation that I find myself in? Does it serve me, in the long run, to try and figure it all out in advance? To have all the answers? To do it all perfectly? What emotional and spiritual toll might that take on me?

To sum it all up: this New Moon reminds us that to be a “successful human being” we must take really good care of our emotional and physical well-being.

If we can allow the inner masculine (taking action, being assertive, etc.) to protect and co-create with the feminine (allowing for feelings to move through, receiving, etc.), we will go further than we can imagine. It is very important to allow ourselves extra time to rest, release, and recalibrate.

Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn — in their retrograde motion — provide inner emphasis for clearing out any old trauma and conditioning from our childhood, past lives, and ancestral patterning.

For the next four weeks, as best as you can, allow yourself to release (Neptune) & transform (Pluto). The more you do, the deeper will go your sense of inner peace, wholeness, and creative power.

Ask yourself: Could I allow myself to go deeper and tap into my “true inner power” (the one that allows me to keep my heart open)? One that allows me to see that all things — the good, the bad, and the ugly — ultimately are part of the creative process, a part of my personal evolution.

Now more than ever, the world actually needs people that know how to nurture themselves, people who honor their feeling-body, who have a healthy center, and who follow their inner compass! Ask yourself: Would I rather feel safe or grow as an individual?

Also feel free to watch my New Moon video on the subject.
Do you have your Ascendant (or any personal planets) in 23-27 degrees of Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, or Libra? If so, you may feel the effects of this New Moon more strongly. This is also true for those of us who have our Ascendant or Sun-sign in Leo or Cancer (the Sun rules Leo; the Moon rules Cancer).

The New Moon is also the best time to set some powerful intentions for this month’s Moon cycle. Intentions are best done soon after the New Moon becomes exact — and definitely not during a Moon void of course phase.

So this month, the best and most potent time to set intentions would be any time between 2:32pm and 11:06pm (on Monday, July 17th); and then again, 93 minutes later, between 12:39am (on Monday night/Tuesday very early morning, July 18th) and 2:32pm (on Wednesday, July 19th).

For more info on setting New Moon Intentions click here

If you live in a timezone other than EDT (US East Coast time), I recommend you join my Facebook Fan-page or follow me on Twitter, as I post reminders on July 17, 18th, and 19th to let you know when it is time to set your intentions.

I talked about my upcoming Forecasting Forum about the Venus Retrograde phase in Leo which will give you some insight into where you are looking at relationship, financial or self-worth issues right now.

I also talked about my Chiron webinar: Healing the Wounded Masculine, and my Moon Nodes webinar: Our Soul’s Journey: Unveiling the Significance of the Moon Nodes in Aries-Libra .

Take a look at each of those webinars here for more information and a more personalized understanding of those planetary movements.


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