Moon Nodes in ARIES-LIBRA til January 2025

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“Our Soul’s Journey: Unveiling the Significance of the Moon Nodes”

This 115-minute webinar will show you: How to create a harmonious balance between Work, Relationships, & Personal Life without feeling overwhelmed or sacrificing your well-being, even if you’ve struggled with prioritizing and finding time for yourself in the past.

==> Gain clarity on the role of Moon’s Nodes on our spiritual journey this time around
==> Understand the lessons and meaning behind the transiting Moon Nodes in astrology
==> Find guidance on how to navigate relationships and self-identity with a deeper understanding of the transiting Moon Nodes in Aries-Libra over the next 18 months

Are you ready for your new Soul Direction?

Watch this 115 minute webinar to see how the Moon Nodes in Aries-Libra (July 17th, 2023 – January 11th, 2025) impact each of us personally. We will also address Pluto’s role, squaring the Moon Nodes until Dec. 2023.

Where in your life are you being asked to investigate what’s holding you back from feeling fully empowered?
What small (or large) steps would help you experience your own independence without being disconnected from others?

“Thanks Sonja for who you are and how you read the charts, and to everyone on the zoom mtg, cheers! Happy holidaying in Vienna” — Deb E.

“Thanks so much, Sonja. The explanation of passive-aggressiveness completely explained a problem I’m having now with someone with Sun 0 degrees in the sign in question. Now I understand what she’s doing. I definitely want to take your Soul-Based Astrology courses” — Meredith D.

“Thank you so much! Have a great trip ” —Lia P.

“Thank you so much, Sonja” — Rosie


Available until Dec. 15th, 2024!


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