Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus


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Watch this 90 min. webinar to see how the Jupiter Retrograde phase in Taurus, impacts you personally!  Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus: Let Go of Limiting Beliefs & Experience New Truths”.

What beliefs or attitudes are no longer serving our physical abundance on this planet?

Jupiter is in its Retrograde phase from Sept. 4th – Dec. 30th, 2023. We can feel its first Station phase from Aug. 17th – Sept. 22nd! The second Station phase will be strong from Dec. 23rd, 2023 – Jan. 6th, 2024.This is when Jupiter is most exalted…

Are there any new perspectives that you are being asked to entertain around self-worth or financial stuff?


“Thank you, Sonja.” — Tatyana C.


“Thank you over and over Sonja for your wisdom & help” — Cathy E.


Only available until Dec. 30th, 2023


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