Exalted Uranus, Pluto in Aquarius


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Watch this 90 min. webinar to see how Uranus’ Station Direct phase & Pluto’s new transit impacts you personally.

Uranus (the planet associated with innovation, breakdowns & breakthroughs) stations from Jan. 14th – Feb. 9th, in 19º of Taurus. This is when Uranus is most exalted

What breakthroughs are going to propel you forward?

We will also cover Pluto’s second pass into Aquarius (Jan. 20th – Sept. 1st, 2024). Opening our hearts dissolves the dark side of Aquarius, and is the doorway into the Aquarian age, which ultimately is all about bringing power to the people & emphasizes the power of cooperation.

What if I chose, right here and now, to contribute to humanity from a courageous, heart-centered, and authentic place?


“Your tips and advice on how to mitigate fear and “stop wanting it to happen” were very powerful and I’m working on integrating that now. Thanks Sonja,”  Ken R.


Thanks, Sonja. Lots to digest and apply. ❤️ — Elizabeth G. 


Only available until Sept. 1st, 2024


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