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This week’s headline items: Venus changes signs from Taurus to Gemini very early Tuesday; on Wednesday, Mercury slows down (stations) in Taurus, preparing for its second Retrograde phase of the year; the last Quarter Moon in Capricorn becomes exact on Thursday early morning; the Balsamic Moon phase begins on Sunday afternoon.


There will be three Moon Void of Course (VoC) phases this week: Tuesday morning (for almost 7 hours), Thursday late morning (for 6.5 hours), and Saturday late morning (almost 8 hours).


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Now, this week’s Forecast…


Monday, April 10th:

Monday, the Moon remains in optimistic, adventurous, truth-seeking Sagittarius all day. It will journey there until Tuesday afternoon. We’re strongly motivated to explore and learn. We’re not likely to be big fans of routine — diversity and new adventures work best at this time — we’re also physically restless and need to burn that off with activity and physical exercise.

Monday early afternoon, we might find ourselves wanting to explore a new healing modality for body, mind, and heart aimed at renewing our enthusiasm for life. We are capable of being compassionate and forgiving with ourselves at this time — and a gentle and holistic approach is best. (the Moon in Sagittarius trines Chiron in Ariesexact at 1:28pm EDT)

Monday late afternoon, we experience a need for inner adjustments. We feel uneasy or awkward and need to make a choice. Making this choice demands we develop inner awareness around two very different urges: on the one hand, the desire to mentally explore and go beyond what we already know — and on the other hand, the need for breakthroughs or change connected to the physical plane.

We need to ask ourselves here: What might become possible if I got 5% more comfortable with being uncomfortable? Or 5% more comfortable embracing uncertainty? (the Moon in Sagittarius quincunxes Uranus in Taurusexact at 3:29pm EDT)

Monday late evening, we have lots of energy and a positive attitude towards life. This is a great time to create, explore, and become part of something new and exciting.

If you are awake, start something you feel passionate or enthusiastic about — what projects come to mind? What would be a fantastic use for all the physical energy that you currently have access to? (the Moon in Sagittarius trines the Sun and Jupiter in Aries, exact at 9:48pm &10:55pm EDT)

Monday night/Tuesday very early morning, at 12:47am EDT, Venus changes signs from steady, calm, sensual Taurus to chatty, social, versatile Gemini. Venus, the energy of love, “relating” and finances will journey through Gemini until May 7th. For the next 4 weeks, we value mental stimulation and frequent changes of scenery in our love relationships.

We love connecting and sharing ourselves with others. As long as we don’t get bored, we will stick around — but as soon as we disengage mentally, we begin to thirst for interesting conversations with new people in new places and/or situations. Love is playful and lighthearted for the next 4 weeks, and humor plays a part in all our relationships.

Our finances might fluctuate at this time, as we don’t invest in anything for long enough to know whether it would have actually made a profit. That said, this sign-change actually favors financial transactions that benefit from speed or wide dispersal of resources — it’s a great time for short-term investments.

As best as you can, stay open-minded and flexible toward love and finances. Curiosity towards life and love is a great gift as Venus moves through Gemini — you never know where things will go at this time — and if nothing else, that attitude makes it hard to be bored for even a second  

Do you have your Ascendant or Sun-sign in Taurus or Libra? If so, you will feel more chatty for the next 4 weeks. Your heart will want to connect to friends and have several activities going all at once. Learning or teaching something new might be just the thing for you to do right now. If you are a Gemini Sun-sign or Rising-sign, you are going to have more love and beauty in your life for as long as Venus is in your sign.

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