Life Crisis Package (Intensive Support) — duration: 21 days


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This Package includes:

  • One 80-minute Jumpstart Call (value $250)
  • Six 80-min. Coaching-Healing sessions (value $1500)
  • Plus daily check-ins via email or text -- total 21 (optional, but highly recommended - value $630)
  • One 80 min. Completion Call (value $250)
  • Total value: $2,630 -- Without an active Membership you pay: $2,040 (look for payment option below)

Here is what you will get & gain in 21 days:

  • 100% support during a difficult time or transition in your life -- you do not have to do this alone!
  • A direct experience of peace of mind & calm that grows with every session
  • A new-found excitement for life
  • Possibilities galore
  • Abundance of the heart that expands into all areas of your life
  • Reconnecting to the truth of who you are & your inner guidance

Sonja, I turned to you for life coaching the day after my marriage abruptly ended. I was unprepared for this and it left me completely broken and helpless. As the thoughtful loving guide you are, you reminded me that I was not broken or helpless, slowly over each session coaxing me back into life, showing such compassion and kindness for my confusion and my tears. The notion that my separation would prepare me for the next phase of my life felt so foreign and impossible, but you were right. I have nowhere to look. I am what I am looking for. I could not have come this far without you.” — Alan C.

Where could you be 3 weeks from now with someone supporting you on a daily basis?

I can only accommodate 1 person for the Life Crisis package at any one time, so, if you are interested, please reach out right away and ask if there is some availability.

If, by the end of the 21 days of us working together, you are not satisfied with the results you have gained from our sessions, there will be a 100% money back guarantee!

***Additional Payment options***
For Star Members: $108 (15 monthly Payments)
For Universal Members: $125 (15 monthly Payments)
Without Membership: $140 (15 monthly Payments)


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