VIP Package – Exclusive Coaching (90 days)


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This package includes:

  • One 80 min. Jumpstart Call
  • Six 50-min. Coaching-Healing sessions
  • Seven 15-min. Meditation-Releasing sessions (optional but highly recommended)
  • Plus weekly email or text check-ins, 13 total (optional but recommended)
  • One 80 min. Completion Call

Here is what you will get & gain in 90 days:

  • The opportunity to connect with someone who supports you fully on a regular basis for 3 months
  • A direct experience of peace of mind and calm that grows with every session
  • Transformation somewhere you have felt stuck and unable to move forward (e.g. career goals or changing careers, love life, conscious uncoupling, finances, health, parenting, etc.)
  • Something sustainable and lasting in your life that has been lacking previously
  • Dramatic progress in a needed area of your life
  • Abundance of the heart that expands into all areas of your life
  • Possibilities galore
  • Reconnecting to the truth of who you are & your inner guidance

What will happen during the 80 min. Jumpstart Call?

We will take a look at your Birth chart and we will discuss what it is you want to get out of the next 90 days. We will also do an Intro to my Coaching-Healing technique (The Sedona Method (c)). We will also lay out the structure for the coming 90 days, and schedule all of your sessions, so you know what to expect and what we will work on over the course of the next three months.

Thank you for all your help and hard work with me. I am very grateful. But you should know that what I’m truly grateful for is you. You are always present and ready to work and so knowledgeable, intuitive, kind, compassionate and connected. I always feel you are hearing me and that you are a genuinely inspired soul. In turn, you have inspired me and helped me to make some profound adjustments. I feel as though I’m a different person than when we first began and your guidance has been integral to this process for me. — A. F.

Imagine where you could be 90 days from now if you made a commitment to yourself to transform your life? Are you Ready? Are you Willing? Are you Able?

If you are, please reach out right away and ask if there is some availability. Due to time constraints, I can only accommodate 3 people for the VIP package at any one time.

**If, by the end of the 90 days of us working together, you are not satisfied with the results you have gained from our sessions, there will be a 100% money back guarantee!


“Highly recommend coaching sessions with Sonja. I had my most recent one to explore my sleep anxiety and how it was impacting me as a new mum. Sonja was a compassionate guide and allowed me to feel my experience, validate my feelings, and untangle the knots of self judgement & stress I had woven. I left feeling held and reassured to just allow myself to be authentic and not perfect as a mum, at a cost to my wellbeing. That was more than enough of a result. But I was delighted when I managed to sleep well with my baby only a few nights later with no panic at all. Thank you Sonja.“ — Liz Goulder, UK  (Jan, 2023)

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