Join me for an intimate chat with the lovely Gina Piccalo, an Astrologer, teacher & guide.

Would you like to know how to align yourself with the energies of 2022, in the best way possible? 

**IN THIS EPISODE** we are talking about so many amazing things, in connection with the Astrology for 2022 — including but not exclusively:

  • The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces in the Spring of 2022 (exact on April 12th)
  • The US-Pluto Return of 2022 (exact on Feb. 20th, July 11th, & Dec. 28th)
  • The Venus-Mars conjunction in 0º of Aquarius (exact on March 6th)
  • Jupiter in Aries (May 10th-Oct. 28th)
  • The Eclipses & Moon Nodes in Taurus-Scorpio (January 2022-July 2023)
  • Mars in Gemini & its Retrograde phase (Oct 2022-Jan 2023)
  • Pluto moving into Aquarius in 2023/24
  • The Saturn-Uranus Square in all of 2022

If you’d like to hear more on those subjects, or you are experiencing a desire for more self-alignment in 2022, I recommend watching it!

===> About Gina:
She is a longtime journalist and student of the occult, Gina earned her astrology certification from Kepler College in 2014. She has taught webinars and consulted with clients ever since. 

You can find out more about her via her website:

She can also be reached on Instagram @ginapiccaloastrology

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