Exalted Neptune & Saturn in Pisces until July!

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Watch this 96 min. webinar to see how Neptune & Saturn’s Station phases, both in Pisces — impact you personally.

Saturn (the planet associated with structure, boundaries & responsibility) stations from June 22nd until July 5th.

Neptune (the planet associated with universal love, imagination & receptivity) stations from June 18th until July 16th.

How much self-compassion & kindness do you practice every day?

Neptune will be exalted until July 16th, Saturn will be exalted until July 5th! ==> Dive deeper into the higher/lighter vibration and lower/denser vibrations of Neptune & Saturn!

What role does intuition and imagination play in your life? What creative or spiritual endeavors are calling to you?


Another great webinar Sonja — always a highlight of my month ‍♀️ – Meredith D. 


Only available until July 19th, 2024


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