On May 15/16th, at 12:14am EDTthe Moon opposes the Sun (in 25 degrees of Scorpio/Taurus). The entrance of the Moon into Scorpio (on May 14th) begins the energetic build-up towards this powerful Full Moon. If you are already a Member of my online community, feel free to watch my Lunar Eclipse video here

This powerful Full Moon is a Total Lunar Eclipse that can be viewed in the Central, Eastern, and European Times zones. The duration of totality lasts 85.5 minutes (= 1.5 hrs). This means that we will feel the influence of this Lunar Eclipse for 45 days.

This particular Lunar Eclipse is the second of two Eclipses within a two-week period; it offers an opportunity for a deeper, more authentic connection with ourselves and others. Our physical and emotional bodies strongly feel the intensity of it all, so keep in mind: Eclipses ultimately support a shift in consciousness and thus bring us closer to our Soul’s path.

During a Lunar Eclipse, the Full Moon slowly dims as it passes through the Earth’s shadow, stimulating our emotional body and increasing our awareness of unconscious patterns and fears. If you’d like to learn more, and as a Member of my online community, click here to watch my Lunar Eclipse video.

As you might know from my last Solar Eclipse video, Eclipses are always powerfully connected to the Moon Nodes and thus to our Soul’s Journey (both collectively and individually). The Moon Nodes remain in polarity for 18 months. They have been in Taurus-Scorpio since Jan. 18th, 2022, highlighting issues around emotional & physical stability, finance, and our relationship with our physical environment and natural resources.

The North Node in Taurus emphasizes the necessity of self-esteem and a healthy relationship with the physical world — with our bodies, resources, and the Earth. The South Node in Scorpio symbolizes our need to face our fears, heal old trauma, and own our power, so we can step into a more passionate relationship with life.

Eclipses reoccur in 19-year cycles. On May 15/16th, 2003, there was a Lunar Eclipse at 24º53’ Scorpio-Taurus, very close to the degree of this Eclipse. Ask yourself: What areas of my life needed to be addressed back then? Where am I being called to make major changes now?

All Eclipses transmit new energetic codes and transformative downloads, symbolized by the signs involved, in this case: The Moon in passionate, all-or-nothing Scorpio opposes the Sun in steady, peaceful Taurus.

There are several aspects worth mentioning in this Full Moon-Lunar Eclipse chart: a T-Square with Saturn in Aquarius as the Focus point, Pluto (the ruler of Scorpio), Mars (the co-ruler of Scorpio), and Neptune, all make harmonious aspects to the Eclipse polarity, Venus (the ruler of Taurus) aligns with Chiron in Aries, Mercury and Pluto are in their Retrograde motions, Jupiter is in 0º of Aries, and last but not least, Uranus, again, plays a big role in this Eclipse chart — and we will address all of them in a moment.

I should also mention that we focused on both Eclipses, as they relate to our own individual birth charts, in our recent Forecasting Forum “Eclipse season & Pluto Station, April-May 2022”: click here for more info or to purchase this webinar  — and feel free to re-listen to it, if you are already a Star Member — if you are at that Membership level, it was emailed to you on April 16th.

Since this Lunar Eclipse is almost a continuation of the last Lunar Eclipse in November of 2021, in 27º of Taurus-Scorpio, we can check to see how far we have come since then, when it comes to facing our fears and valuing ourselves and our authentic relationships to others. Ask yourself: What fears or inauthentic(or even toxic) relationships must I still release or transform if I am to step into greater abundance and happiness in my life?

For the next 45 days, we seek the balance and integration of two polarities and are aware that something needs to be brought into alignment; the balance in question is between our physical attachments, aversions, and connections — symbolized by Taurus— and our emotional attachments, aversions, and connections (Scorpio).

The time of the Lunar Eclipse brings greater awareness to what was unconscious or hidden previously. This particular one invites us to let go of fears or disempowering behaviors and thereby break through to the next level of our evolution, individually and collectively.

So, here’s this Eclipse’s central question: As a society, are we living in alignment with our values, with what makes us happy and satisfied? How about as individuals? Do we feel empowered and emotionally fulfilled? Are there any fears in our way to achieving progress? Or any rigid thought processes? All right, let’s look at the signs involved in this polarity,…


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Because Eclipses are so powerful, they require a bigger orb than a regular Full or New Moon. I usually use a 5º orb instead of 2º… so since this Lunar Eclipse takes place in 25º of Scorpio…

Do you have your Ascendant, Career Point (or personal planets) in 20-29 degrees of Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, or 0 degrees of Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, or Pisces? If so, you are more affected by this month’s powerful Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse. This is also true for those of us who have our Ascendant or Sun-sign in Leo or Cancer (the Sun rules Leo; the Moon rules Cancer). 

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