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This week’s headline items: Neptune in Pisces remains exalted all week; the first Quarter Moon in Libra becomes exact early on Monday; Mercury changes signs from Gemini to Cancer late Monday evening; Neptune comes to a halt to start its yearly 5-month Retrograde phase on Friday late afternoon.


There will be three Moon Void of Course (VoC) phases this week: Wednesday early morning (for 36 minutes), Friday late morning (for 49 minutes), and Sunday late morning (for almost 4 hours).


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Now, this week’s Forecast…


Monday, June 26th:

Monday, the Moon remains in harmony-loving, balance-seeking Libra all day. It will journey there until Wednesday early morning. The energy of the Libra Moon helps us be naturally courteous and diplomatic; we are more polite at this time as we seek the approval of others. This Moon placement also starts the build-up towards the first Quarter Moon (exact in the very early morning).

Monday at 3:50am EDT, the first Quarter Moon in 4.5 degrees of Libra becomes exact. We started to feel this aspect build from the moment the Moon entered Libra Sunday eveningThe Moon, in harmony-loving, balance-seeking Libra, makes a challenging aspect to the Sun in protective, nurturing Cancer.

We feel compelled to take action. Last week saw the New Moon on June 17/18th. “Seeds” planted then are probably “sprouting” by now — and making first real contact with the outside world. This is, therefore, a time to stretch and grow — and create some forward momentum. We may feel anxious or unusually busy.

As best as you can, go one breath at a time. Allow for changes, remain flexible (as much as possible), and find creative solutions for your day-to-day dealings with others.

Do you have your Ascendant, Career Point (or personal planets) in 2-7 degrees of Libra, Cancer, Aries or Capricorn? If so, you will feel the effects of this first Quarter Moon more strongly than otherwise. This is also true for those of us who have our Ascendant or Sun-sign in Leo or Cancer (the Sun rules Leo; the Moon rules Cancer). 

Monday early morning, challenging Mars/Uranus aspect becomes exact at 5:23am EDT. We started to feel this aspect build from Tuesday evening (June 20th) on, and it will remain strong until Saturday (July 1st).

Think back to late July/early August of last year, when Mars and Uranus were conjunct in Taurus: what seeds got planted back then? And what adjustments are needed to move those plans forward?

This aspect asks us to get in touch with our desires and break away from anything that is holding us back. Passions and anger that we may not even know we had may emerge at this time.

Uranus urges us to let go of our past values and focus on a better future. We may feel restless and impatient; we can be very demanding and difficult to please. We tend to feel like progress is too slow, and we are tired of waiting. This could be an explosive time, as our inner child wants what it wants, while outer “reality” demands we change course.

On the other hand, if you are the kind of person that doesn’t go in for asserting themselves, this is an excellent time to try it out. Do your best not to burn all your bridges, though, especially with any males in your family or like-minded people that you value. We may also experience an awakening of sorts in regard to our sexuality.

Accidents are unusually likely (though not inevitable), especially if our levels of activity and energy are erratic; to prevent this, stay as grounded as possible and keep breathing! Flexibility and open-mindedness are always helpful but are especially important now. Watch out for prideful moments (when your ego feels bruised)!

Notice when you are digging your heels in about something; this is usually a sign that you have some underlying anxiety about something else; again, take a deep breath, get centered in your body, close your eyes and focus on your third eye.

Ask yourself: What am I afraid of happening? How might I channel this restless energy into projects that are asking for progress? How might I channel or just burn off all this erratic energy? What kind of exercise might be an energetic match? Where am I stagnating? Where am I able to risk something?

Do you have your Ascendant or personal planets in 18-25 degrees of Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, or Scorpio? If so, you will feel the effects of this aspect more strongly than otherwise. This is also true for those of us who have our Ascendant or Sun-sign in Aries or Aquarius (Mars is the ruler of Aries; Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius)

Monday late afternoona somewhat challenging Mercury/Pluto aspect (in 29º of Gemini/Capricorn) becomes exact at 5:07pm EDT. We started to feel this aspect build from Sunday evening (June 25th) on, and it will remain strong until Tuesday evening (June 27th). This aspect operates more on an internal level. We feel uneasy about something, awkward, and need to make a choice — so we need to develop inner awareness.

Our compulsive side may lead us down a path that evades rational understanding. Our judgments — of circumstances, ourselves, and others — can be so extreme during this aspect that we can’t seem to make intelligent and consistent progress in our life for the three days it is in effect.

As best as you can, strive to be more trusting and less strict with yourself for these three days. Surrender to whatever you are experiencing right now: It is temporary  

Do you have your Ascendant, Career Point (or personal planets) in the following: 28-29 degrees of Gemini, Capricorn, or 0 degrees of Cancer, or Aquarius? If so, you will be more affected by this aspect. This is also true for those of us who have our Ascendant or Sun-sign in Gemini, Virgo, or Scorpio (Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo; Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio).

Monday at 8:24pm EDT, Mercury moves from curious, quick-witted Gemini into protective, nurturing Cancer. It will journey there until July 10/11th. During this cycle, we are more sensitive to our surroundings, especially when listening and taking in information.

We also have more sympathy for the suffering of others. On the other hand, we have less objectivity, as emotions are always involved in our interactions with others; this could also mean we end up taking things more personally than we really need to — perhaps even to the extent that we start feeling sorry for ourselves.

As best as you can, remember to ask yourself: Is this really about me?

This is particularly true if you have your Ascendant or Sun-sign in Gemini or Virgo. You will feel a stronger need to connect with family or the people in your life that feel familiar and safe. You may also feel the need to talk about the past and work through past conditioning. If you are a Cancer Sun-sign or Rising-sign, you will be more chatty for the next 2 weeks.

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