Join me as I interviews the lovely and powerful Keiya K Rayne — a Spiritual Advisor, Healer of the highest vibration, Master Coach and International TEDx Speaker!

*IN THIS EPISODE* we are talking about so many amazing things:
🌟 Recalibrating on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level
🌟 Raising our vibrations
🌟 Overcoming challenges
🌟 Taking Baby Steps
🌟 How to manage mental noise and denser places
🌟 How we can get centered and grounded
🌟 Get real to heal
🌟 Taking responsibility & making peace with where I am at
🌟 What is an Evidence Journal?
🌟 How can focusing on “Trust” be helpful?

If you’d like to hear more on those subjects, or you are feeling stuck or experiencing denser vibrational situations, I recommend watching this!

💫 === 💫 About Keiya 💫 === 💫

Keiya has spoken at the United Nations NGO Commission On The Status of Women. The Triad Theater in New York City and was a guest expert on multiple podcasts and online publications including thrive global and NatFluence. Keiya considers herself a citizen of the world because of her extensive travels connecting her with people from all walks of life, as well as feeding her inner gypsy. She is a recipient of the White House President’s Volunteer Service Award for her humanitarian work, domestically and globally.

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🌟 She can also be reached on:

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