On May 25th, 2024, at 7:15pm EDT, Jupiter changes signs from peaceful, steady, sensual Taurus to versatile, fast-thinking GeminiIt journeys through this versatile Air sign until June 9th, 2025.

In our natal chart, the position of Jupiter reveals how we express generosity and tolerance and how we go about trusting others and improving our lives. Jupiter is about expansion, possibilities, perspectives, and our mental & spiritual growth.

Ask yourself: Where do I look for wisdom and understanding? Where do I need movement and spaciousness? Where do I hold perspectives or beliefs that come from my social conditioning? Where do I feel optimistic and have faith that things will turn out ok?

Since Jupiter represents the principle of expansion — it operates like a magnifying glass. During its time in Taurus (May 2023 – May 2024), the magnifying glass sought more opportunities for our physical realities and sense of self-worth.

We may also have wanted to contribute to life from a down-to-earth, more slow-paced, patient place. This might have created a shift in attitude towards our personal resources, material comforts, and the enjoyment of life’s physical and material parts.

ConverselyJupiter in Gemini brings the magnifying lens to bear on our communications and ability to process and share information.

The opportunity now is to bring the enthusiastic energies of Jupiter to the fulfillment of our ability to listen, learn, teach, or write— and to get excited about sharing and staying connected with others.

This one-year transit also fosters expanding our connection to…


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All this is especially true if you are a Sagittarius or Gemini Sun- or Rising-sign. As a Sagittarius, you will feel a greater need to learn something new or write an article or a book — let’s hope that doesn’t show up as being too scatter-brained. As a Gemini, you will most likely feel a greater sense of possibility, together with a need to grow and expand your knowledge and intellect, your perspectives and how you apply what you know over the next year (i.e. until June 2025).

Where does Jupiter-in-Gemini fall in your own birth chart? What aspects does it make during this transit? How does a wise response to one house support a more fruitful response to the next?

What outward opportunities arise as Jupiter interacts with any of your personal planets? Where might you experience a major expansion between now and June 2025? Where are you ready to experience more curiosity, adaptability, and exchange of information with others?

If you’d like more insight into those questions, I invite you to watch my webinar on the subject: “Jupiter in Gemini until June 2025“— we applied Jupiter’s movement to our own birth charts! If you are reading this before May 22nd and would like to join us live, register here by May 22nd at 12pm EDT


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