On May 10th at 7:22pm EDT, Jupiter changed signs from creative, sensitive, and intuitive Pisces to independent, direct, fast-moving Aries. Its first pass through Aries will last until Oct. 28th, 2022. It will then journey again through Pisces until December of 2022; then Jupiter makes its second move into Aries on Dec. 20th, this time until May 16th, 2023.

In our individual natal chart, the position of Jupiter reveals how we express generosity and tolerance, and how we go about trusting others and improving our lives.

Ask yourself: Where do I look for wisdom and understanding? Where do I need movement and spaciousness? Where do I feel optimistic and have faith that things will turn out ok?

Jupiter represents the principle of expansion — it operates like a magnifying glass. It’s been in Pisces since mid-May, 2021 (with the exception of August until December 2021). During its time in Pisces, the magnifying glass was looking at creating more opportunities for (and through) spiritual or creative endeavors. We likely could also have felt a desire to contribute to life from a heart-centered place. This may have been an inner process for some, or an external process related to how we experience connecting with others — or around feeling interconnected with our fellow humans.

Jupiter in Aries, on the other hand, brings the magnifying lens to bear on our individual passions and goals. The opportunity now is to bring the enthusiastic energies of Jupiter to the fulfillment of our own desires — and to get excited about new paths and new projects.

This aspect also promotes a greater understanding of our potential to expand our passionate self and its goals — and fearlessly bring that energy to the world.

Again, Jupiter will be in Aries until Oct. 28th, 2022, and then will return to that sign from Dec. 20th, 2022, through May 16th, 2023. During these two periods, we attract good fortune when we are enthusiastic and direct, moving things forward with an optimistic attitude, and bringing inspirational fire to our interactions with others.

We value instant results and are motivated by competition, believing in ourselves and our ability to do it on our own; we are best served by enthusiasm and faith in the power of positivity.

We are each particularly invited to walk our own path and fearlessly explore new avenues that lead to new adventures. Possibilities are strong for tremendous creativity, self-expression, and recognition of our ability to positively influence our circumstances.

We also likely develop far more faith in ourselves. Adventures, self-growth, and athletic pursuits can all bring us great pleasure and a sense of rejuvenation. We are optimistic and generous — with strong morals.

Jupiter in Aries helps to create…

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All this is especially true if you are a Sagittarius or Aries Sun- or Rising-sign. As a Sagittarius, you will feel a greater need for independence — let’s hope that doesn’t show up as running away from your relationships 🙂 As an Aries, you will most likely feel a greater sense of possibility, together with a need to grow and expand your passions, over the next year (i.e. until May 2023).

Where does Jupiter-in-Aries fall in your own birth chart? What aspects does it make during this transit? How does a wise response to one house support a more fruitful response to the next? What outward opportunities arise as Jupiter interacts with any of your personal planets? Where might you experience a major expansion between now and May 2023? Where are you ready to forge your own path and make a positive impact?

If you’d like more insight into those questions, we will cover Jupiter’s move through Aries in more detail in the next Forecasting Forum — so if you want to know how this planetary movement is impacting you personally, feel free to join us live on May 21st, or register for the mp4-video-presentation of the live event. 

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