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This week’s headline items: Chiron ends its Station phase on Monday, but remains in retrograde; the last Quarter Moon in Taurus becomes exact on Tuesday morning; on Saturday, Mercury starts to slow down, preparing to come to a halt for its Retrograde phase, and the Balsamic Moon phase begins; Venus and the Sun align in Leo on Sunday morning, starting a new Venus cycle; and last but not least, Uranus starts to slow down, and will be more exalted from Sunday on.


There will be three Moon Void of Course (VoC) phases this week: Monday very early morning (for a little over 2 hours), Wednesday morning (for 2.5 hours), and Friday afternoon (for 5.5 hours).


Before we get to this week’s Forecast, please know that…

We had an amazing webinar last Wednesday! We talked about Venus — her position in Leo, her Retrograde energy, and how this impacts each one of us, depending on where Venus lands in our Birth chart.

Venus will remain Retrograde until Sept. 3rd, 2023  ==> Find out how to make the most of this Retrograde phase for yourself, your relationships and your finances!

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Now, this week’s Forecast…


Monday, August 7th:

Monday, the Moon remains in pioneering, fast-paced Aries until 2:25am EDT. At that time, the Moon enters steady, peaceful Taurus, where it will journey until Wednesday morning.

We love all physical comforts, prefer consistency, and would rather stick with what we know works well. In other words: change is not our favorite thing, and “rushing things” goes against our grain.

What is our favorite thing for the next two days? It’s probably slowing down and getting in touch with whatever delights our senses…

This Moon placement also starts the build up towards the last Quarter Moon (which will be exact on Tuesday morning).

Venus (the ruler of Taurus) is currently in Leo in its Retrograde motion. This asks us to re-evaluate our relationships and financial undertakings. Ask yourself: What’s important? Where do I overvalue something? Where do I feel undervalued?

What are my heart connections telling me? What needs to be brought back into balance in my life? What roles do joy, self-expression, or creativity play in all of this?

We also covered the Venus Retrograde phase in our most recent Forecasting Forum that is now available for purchase on my webinar page. Feel free to take a look and get a better understanding about your own relationship, self-worth, and financial issues.

Also, FOR THIS WEEK ONLY, I am offering the “Venus Retrograde in Leo” webinar (listed at $37, value at least $98.00) as a Bonus Gift to anyone who books a Reading or Coaching-Healing session with me — or buys the Soul-Based Astrology Basics course.

Also, on Monday, although now retrograde in Aries, Chiron resumes its normal pace through the sky (ending its Station phase). We now have a chance to do some internal work on any wounding or insecurities around personal identity, physical appearance, or leadership abilities that came up over the last couple of weeks.

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