The Necessity for a Healthy Relationship with the Physical World


This week’s headline items: Mars aligns with North Node and Uranus in Taurus on Monday afternoon; on Tuesday afternoon, the Sun squares the degree of April 30th’s Solar Eclipse, and it is also time to take actions on your New Moon intentions; Mercury changes signs from Leo to Virgo very early on Thursday morning; Jupiter’s Station phase ends later on Thursday (remaining retrograde until Nov. 23rd); last but not least, the First Quarter Moon in Scorpio becomes exact on Friday morning.

There will be three Moon Void of Course (VoC) phases this week: Monday evening (for a little over 5.5 hours); Thursday very early morning (for 5.5 hours), and Saturday morning (a little over 5 hours).


Now, this week’s Forecast…

Monday, August 1st:

Monday is a big day (astrologically speaking): first of all, the Moon remains in detail-oriented, practical Virgo all day.

With this placement, our focus is on the practical and wholesome. We are generous with our time/services and we love to help others. We also have a fondness for science and anything that makes sense in our world — things and knowledge we can apply and use.

Health might also come into focus at this time. We notice the parts that make up the whole; this is a great time to see if our daily routines (eating, work, self-care, etc.) align with our long-term goals.

Monday morning, a somewhat challenging Mercury/Neptune aspect becomes exact at 7:23am EDT. We started to feel this aspect build from last week, Sunday morning (July 31st), and it will remain strong until this Tuesday morning. This could contribute either to some mental confusion and spaciness, or the need to communicate with others from our imagination (but possibly not knowing how to achieve that).

This aspect operates more on an internal level: We feel uneasy about something, sort of “awkward” — and we need to make a choice. Sometimes, imagination and mind can run far ahead of what is feasible (and sensible). At these times, the grand vision is best served by focusing on the next concrete step, accepting our own idiosyncrasies as we go.

Honesty is crucial here, especially self-honesty; inner awareness is in turn crucial to deep honesty and authenticity. What’s true for you? What might be possible for humanity? Where do those overlap?

Note that I say “overlap”: Don’t look for an exact fit; this is more like two puzzle pieces that came from different jigsaw puzzles. You might keep looking at the imperfect fit and feel a nagging sense that something doesn’t make sense… and it doesn’t — it can’t. The pieces are not from the same game. Just do your best to “hang out” with the discomfort, rather than repeatedly trying to figure it out and fix it.

Do you have your Ascendant, Career Point (or personal planets) in 24-26 degrees of Leo or Pisces? If so, you will be more affected by this aspect. This is also true for those of us who have our Ascendant or Sun-sign in Gemini, Virgo, or Pisces (Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo; Neptune rules Pisces).

Around 2pm EDT Monday, Mars aligns with the North Node in 18.5º of TaurusWe started to feel this alignment build from last Thursday morning (July 28th), and it will remain strong until this Saturday. The last time this alignment took place in any sign was in late March 2021 (in Gemini); the last time we had one in Taurus was in February 2004!

Think back to February of 2004: what steps did you take back then to see your own value more clearly? Where did you indicate new ways of sharing your talents or your resources?

The North Node represents uncharted territory — an area of our lives where we must grow, even if it’s scary, even if it requires effort on our part — but this effort will be rewarded, and usually feels fulfilling.

The North Node in Taurus emphasizes the necessity for organic self-esteem and a healthy relationship with the physical world — with our bodies, resources, and the Earth. The goal is to experience happiness in connection with the physical realm.

Mars aligning with the North Node brings an activating energy to everything concerning Taurus: the enjoyment of our physical world and physical body, as well as an understanding of our value, and what talents and resources we are bringing to the table.

We are ready to roll up our sleeves and do the work: it’s time to develop more awareness around what our own values genuinely are, versus those we may have adopted or inherited.

It takes courage to engage with North Node issues, so ask yourself: What is the next step on my journey toward becoming an ever-stronger, healthy individual, one who honors and loves themselves, and is not afraid to have different values from others?

Mars also aligns with Uranus later today, so please also read the entry about the Mars/Uranus alignment in Taurus that will be exact later this evening, at 7:53pm EDT (see below).

Do you have your Ascendant, Career Point (or personal planets) in 16-22 degrees of Taurus, ScorpioLeo, or Aquarius? If so, you will be more affected by this alignment. This is also true for those of us who have our Ascendant or Sun-sign in Aries (Mars is the ruler of Aries)

Monday evening, at 6:29pm EDT, we enter a Moon VoC that lasts for a little over 5.5 hours, until 12:06am EDT (Monday night/Tuesday very early morning). Use this intuitive time to empower each other around earthly issues and support each other in practical ways. Your attention to detail is enhanced; you might implement new health routines or other systems that support your long-term goals.

As always with a Moon VoC, as best as you can, don’t start anything brand-new, stick to routine things, or simply go with the flow. You may also want to plan Monday evening until Tuesday very early morning ahead of time.

Also, on Monday evening, a Mars/Uranus alignment in 18.5 degrees of Taurus becomes exact at 7:53pm EDT. We started to feel this aspect build from last week, Wednesday evening (July 27th), and it will remain strong until this Saturday evening.  This connection brings a lot of nervous energy with it: we will most likely feel sudden spurts of energy moving through our bodies; this could make us rash in thought and deed. We may experience sudden insights about ourselves and our valued goals.

Ask yourself: What might it look like to consciously break away from situations that have limited me when it came to honoring myself and my talents? Where could I channel my courage? Where do I need to “think different”? Act differently? Might a deep breath into my belly calm my nervous system?

Our willingness to innovate is strong with this alignment: new ways of seeing, using, and approaching our personal possessions, valuables, money, and talents are in focus.

This alignment between Uranus and Mars also asks us to break away from anything keeping us from honoring our uniqueness and quirks — whatever keeps us in a rut, collectively and individually.

Ask yourself: What if — in small or large ways — I could help birth a new age and with it a new world, one based on heart-centered consciousness and individual freedoms?

Please be extra conscious when driving. Do your best to channel the extra energy in a productive way: physical exercise is great for this, as is consciously breaking away from situations that have limited you — up until now. And (this is always wise)… As best as you can, stay grounded and keep breathing 

Do you have your Ascendant, Career Point (or personal planets) in 16-22 degrees of Taurus, ScorpioLeo, or Aquarius? If so, you will be more affected by this alignment. This is also true for those of us who have our Ascendant or Sun-sign in Aries or Aquarius (Mars is the ruler of Aries; Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius)

Monday night/Tuesday very early morning at 12:06am EDT, the Moon moves into harmony-loving, balance-seeking Libra, where it will journey until Thursday morning. The energy of the Libra Moon helps us be naturally courteous and diplomatic; we are more polite at this time, as we seek the approval of others.

We very much want to maintain equal, fair relationships at this time and are therefore open to making compromises and negotiating. These next two days are a great time for mediation — but our need for peace and accompanying aversion to direct conflict could pull us to “yes” more easily than we might like.

We may also be able to see both sides of the equation so well that we can’t make decisions. As best as you can, find an inner balance with this and communicate what needs to be said with grace and charm — even if it’s “No”. One last quick note: this is also a great time for anything to do with visual arts.

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