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This week’s headline items: Saturn squares the Moon Nodes late on Monday morning; Jupiter aligns with Neptune in Pisces on Tuesday late morning; Mars changes signs from Aquarius to Pisces on Thursday late evening; on Friday, Pluto starts its Station phase (i.e. it slows down, preparing to go retrograde); Mercury moves over the upcoming Solar Eclipse degree (10.5º Taurus) on Saturday early morning; the Full Moon in Libra becomes exact on Saturday afternoon.

There will be three Moon VoC phases this week: Tuesday early morning (for almost 4 hours); Thursday afternoon (2.5 hours); and Saturday early evening (almost 2.5 hours).


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Now, this week’s Forecast…

Monday, April 11th:

Monday, the Moon remains in fun and attention-loving Leo all day. It will journey there until Tuesday late morning. We may lack objectivity and struggle with backing down or compromising. We all love to be admired — or at the very least acknowledged — for our greatness 🙂

So hand out some compliments — let people know how proud you are of them, tell them how much you love them. Come from the heart in this and all other things… be honest and authentic, as best you can. Fun, games, and romance are a big part of this energy as well. You might also enjoy spending time with little ones.

If there are no “outer children” around, how about getting in touch with your “inner child” — it’s definitely easier for the next 24-hours. What are you most grateful for today? What would be heaps and heaps of fun? What would be so much fun, you let out a tiny squeak, just thinking of it? 

Monday late morning, at around 10:30am EDT, Saturn’s Square to the Moon Nodes (22º57’ of Taurus-Scorpio) becomes exact when it reaches 22º57’ of Aquarius. This aspect started to build from March 18th on, and it will still be strong until June 17th (due to Saturn’s Station Retrograde phase in May/June).

We get a major opportunity to stretch and grow in regards to our collective and individual Soul’s Journey right now! Squares ask for a shift in perception and direction; they challenge us to go beyond what is divisive and destructive and instead to move towards what creates growth and abundance.

They mark turning points — and this one is a turning point in our ability to contribute something within our own communities, and to (one by one) create a future we actually want to live into.

Ask yourself: Where do I need to decide to take more responsibility within my communities or with like-minded people? What might it make possible for me and my communities if I got really clear about what future I would like to live into?

What role do thoughtful commitments and collaborative spirit play in all of this? How about taking responsibility for how I show up in my various communities? Am I able to be myself? Do I dare to be authentic? Do I speak my truth responsibly? Do I allow others to be themselves? To speak their truth?

We feel a tremendous sense of commitment and obligation right now towards our various networks or affiliations; however, this may also create a lot of pressure and we could start to be very hard on ourselves or others.

We may start “should-ing” on ourselves or others. When we “should” on ourselves, we tend to feel more pressure, and therefore inclined to rebel. But then of course, when we rebel, we also tend to feel guilty about that… the result can be a heavy heart, anxiety, or stress.

When “shoulds” come up, ask yourself: What if I ran my “shoulds” through a computer that could only answer “Heck, Yes!” or “No way”? What if I turned the “shoulds” into “coulds”? What if I just powerfully chose, one way or another? And having chosen, could I take 100% responsibility for my choice?

Let’s look at an example: “I should get in touch with so and so” becomes “I choose to get in touch with so and so” or “I am choosing to not get in touch with so and so right now, I am choosing to do it at a later time — perhaps not at all”. It takes some of the pressure off and we also feel less guilty if we are not following through right away.

I also mention this aspect in my current Full Moon video, feel free to watch this video, if you haven’t seen it yet. And if you are not yet a member of my online community, feel free to read the beginning of my Full Moon article.

Monday evening is a time to feel excited about life. Things flow nicely during this time; create something that brings you joy, connects to your heart, and gets you dancing in the rain 🙂 (Moon in Leo trines Sun in Aries, exact at 7:01pm EDT)

Monday evening, we are being invited to focus on making realistic choices when it comes to connecting with others; do your best to be your most authentic, joyful Self when connecting with like-minded people. (Moon in Leo opposes Saturn in Aquarius, exact at 8:50pm EDT)  

Monday late evening feels a little uneasy. We need to develop inner awareness around two seemingly opposite pulls: on the one hand, our sensitivity and connection to all of life; on the other, our need for self-expression, play, and fun.

We are invited to make some internal adjustments. We may want to express ourselves, but we may also need to be gentle and kind to ourselves and others. The question to ask yourself: Could I allow myself to feel into the mismatch of those two desires? As best as you can, make adjustments as needed, and drop any self-judgment (Moon in Leo quincunxes Neptune in Pisces, exact at 10:42pm EDT)

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