Spring Equinox & Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius


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Watch this 90 minute webinar to see what’s coming up for you within the next two months. Discover how to best align yourself with the Spring Equinox, and the Jupiter Retrograde phase that starts on April 10th, in Sagittarius! The Station phase already begins on April 2nd.

What will Springtime bring for you? In what ways are we expanding and growing right now?

Find out which area of your life is most affected by this planetary movement over the the next 2 months. This mp4-video presentation is only available until April 10th!

“Thanks Sonja! I am seeing how this will impact my chart in big ways! I am excited for these shifts 🙂 — Erin E.



Sonja’s passion is for connecting with people and helping them transform their lives. This led her to train as a life coach, in addition to her lifelong study of Astrology. With her Readings, her coaching and her Soul-Based Astrology Courses she aims to empower and support people in fulfilling their life’s potential and aligning with Soul Purpose.

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