Eclipse Season & Mercury Retrograde in Aries



Watch this 95 minute webinar to see how Eclipse Season (March 15th until April 18th!), impacts each of us personally.

We talked about the first South Node Lunar Eclipse in 5º of Libra on March 25th & the second North Node Solar Eclipse in 19.5º of Aries on April 8th.

What is asking for more balance in your life?
Where do you need a new beginning?

 We also discussed Mercury’s Shadow phases, its Station phases, and its first full Retrograde phase of the year in 16-27º of Aries (April 1st – 25th, 2024) — in relationship to our own birth charts.

“Thank you Sonja. The information you provided is rich, practical, easy to understand and apply. Stay safe and blessing to you and everyone” — Julienne A.

  • How can you best use Eclipse Season between now and April 18th, 2024?
  • What will you discover about your Soul’s Journey and relationship issues from the past?
  • What do you feel passionate about? What needs to be revisited in connection to that?
  • How will these planetary shifts impact people with planets or points/angles in Libra, Aries, Capricorn, or Cancer?
  • Do you have a Sun-sign or Rising-sign in Gemini, Virgo, Leo or Cancer?

“Great Forum!!!“— Meredith D. 

Only available until April 24th, 2024!


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