Breathe in Life – A One Day Retreat


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Join Astrologer Coach Sonja Francis and Yoga Teacher Sam Lodge for this beautiful One-Day Retreat

Would you like to experience a day of Yoga, Astrology, Breath work and Creative Exploration in the country with an intimate circle of women?

Get in touch with your Moon energy & Immerse yourself in Nature!

Date: June 29th (Saturday)
Time: 9:30am – 5:30pm
Cost**: $110
For my STAR Members: ONLY $82
For my UNIVERSAL Members: ONLY $93 

Sam and I did an Instagram Live last week to answer questions and share about our One Day Retreat; feel free to watch the replay here — to get all the juicy information

**Space is limited! So please reserve yourself a spot as soon as possible. !! Membership discounts are paid as a rebate, after purchase is complete !!


“I love Sam’s yoga class because of her focus on the mind body connection. It’s more than just exercise—I always walk out of class feeling more relaxed than when I came in, which sets the tone for the rest of my day. She’s a treasure!’ — Moira C.

“I’ve been working with Sam for about two years now. Sam is absolutely wonderful as a yoga and breath work teacher and personal trainer: she is personable, knowledgeable, intuitive, and conscious of injuries/limitations and is ready with exercise modifications. She is very skilled in breath and somatic work, which can be extremely helpful and healing for those with an history of trauma or anxiety. Above all, she is truly a kindhearted soul. I can’t recommend working with her enough!!” — Terri

“Sonja is a wonderful compassionate teacher and I feel blessed to have her leading the way!” Karen W.

“Sonja seems the most grounded of the astrologers around (this world really needs as much light as possible at the moment) and she is keen to help people towards healing and understanding in a way others aren’t. It’s much appreciated” — Steve M.

“From the moment she begins her practice, Sam creates a peaceful space for reflection. Her teaching style is instructive with innovative challenges to move with proper form. Yet, she gently guides all levels to self-acceptance. Her yoga is not about perfect poses. She brings mindfulness through meditative cues to meet yourself where you are on the mat. Sam seeks genuine connections with each student. It is uncanny how the take-aways are exactly what you need in the moment. The vibe is real. Prioritize creating time for yourself by coming to her class. You will have no regrets unless you have to miss”. — Sandy B.

“I truly know the world is a better place with Sonja here, talking to us individually and in groups, broadcasting and connecting everyone with what’s important and with compassion.” — A. F.

**All Star Members get a 25% discount for this retreat after June 15th. Universal Members get a 15% discount!

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