Leaping Forward into Love — A Taste of Venus! Feb. 16th


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Join Astrologer Coach Sonja Francis and empowerment-based Sex & Intimacy Guide Honey Harken in this 2-hour webinar about Venus, the Goddess of Love.

We will explore how we can all have a conscious relationship with our own Venus-energy. No matter what gender you identify with, we are all looking to have healthy and fulfilling relationships in our lives.

How do we accomplish that? Every relationship starts with the relationship we have with ourselves…. join us and spend 2 hours exploring a part of you that is waiting to be unlocked!

When: Feb. 16th at 7:30pm EST/6:30pm CST/4:30pm PST


“I’ve worked with Honey in and through some of the most vulnerable places in my heart and soul and I have never felt so held in love than I have with her. Her insight and ability to weave magic into the mundane is unrivaled” — Amber K.

“Honey is willing to bring not only her strength, she brings her own vulnerability and humanity to the table.” — Christopher P.

“Sonja seems the most grounded of the astrologers around (this world really needs as much light as possible at the moment) and she is keen to help people towards healing and understanding in a way others aren’t. It’s much appreciated” — Steve M.

“ Sonja is a wonderful compassionate teacher and I feel blessed to have her leading the way!” Karen W.

“I truly know the world is a better place with Sonja here, talking to us individually and in groups, broadcasting and connecting everyone with what’s important and with compassion.” — A. F.

**Discount available until Feb. 15th at midnight!

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