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This week’s headline items: Uranus will be stationing and exalted all week; Mercury and Mars both end their Station phases at the beginning of this week, both no longer retrograde. Beginning Wednesday evening, it’s time to start taking actions on our New Moon Intentions; on Thursday late evening, Venus changes signs from Aquarius to Pisces; and on Saturday late morning, the first Quarter Moon in Taurus becomes exact.

There will be three Moon Void of Course (VoC) phases this week: Monday early morning (for a little over 7 hours), Wednesday late morning (for a little over 2.5 hours), and Friday late afternoon (for a little over 2.5 hours).


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Now, this week’s Forecast…


Monday, January 23rd:

Monday, the Moon remains in freedom-loving, forward-thinking Aquarius until 12:36pm EST. The energy of the Aquarian Moon relates to our instinct for improvement. Reactions are more intellectual than emotional, and interactions are more impersonal than personal. We are likely to have an increased fascination with the new and unusual.

Social gatherings, anything connected with group ideals and goals for the future, brainstorming, new ideas and methods, and progress are promoted while the Moon moves through Aquarius. Again: we have our eyes on the future — or outer space… Personal freedom becomes paramount.

Monday before 5:19am EST and after 12:36pm until 3:53pm EST is our last chance to set New Moon Intentions for this month during the most potent time — if you haven’t already done so on Saturday or Sunday.

If possible, align them with the New Moon energies that I spoke about in my video — feel free to watch it again if you are not sure anymore — click here to watch my video on the New Moon 

For more details on how to set New Moon Intentions, click here

Monday early morning, at 5:19am EST, we enter a Moon Void of Course (VoC) that will last a little over 7 hours, until 12:36pm EST. Use this intuitive time to connect with others, and share your vision for the future. Could you permit yourself to get in touch with your unique spark — and appreciate your inner genius?

As always, with a Moon VoC, don’t start anything new, stick to routine things, or go with the flow as best as you can. You may also want to plan Monday early morning until the early afternoon ahead of time.

Monday early afternoon, at 12:36pm EST, the Moon moves into creative, sensitive Pisces, where it will journey Wednesday early afternoon. This Moon placement often finds us more sensitive, intuitive, idealistic, and imaginative than normal. We also have a greater capacity for compassion, sympathy, and affection for all, especially those who suffer or can be regarded as the underdog.

But that idealism could also be our downfall at this time: We tend to see the best in everyone and everything, and when reality doesn’t match our idyllic vision, we might feel upset and even victimized by those harsh realities. A way out of this is to channel our idealism into spiritual or creative endeavors.

It’s also a great time for releasing fears — especially the ones based on a sense of separation — and experiencing “oneness”. Feelings tend to flow more freely; as best as you can, let them — in fact, “going with the flow” is the best way to go for the next couple of days.

Neptune is the ruler of Pisces — and it is currently in its own sign, making these next two days a great time to take a look at our inner spiritual connection to our “higher Self”, “Source”, or “God/Goddess”.

It’s also a great time to allow “what is” as it is and to go with the flow, following our intuitive voice as much as possible. We are being asked to tap into the “feminine” energies within ourselves, so we can start to vibrate on a universal frequency.

Ask yourself: Is my “Higher Self” asking for more introverted/inner-love time? If I tune in with my intuitive voice, what am I receiving? Sensing?

Where in my life have I become too disconnected from life? Love? God/Goddess? What is my connection to the spiritual realm? What about the “heart realm”? How could nature and/or animals teach me about those realms?

Do I need more downtime? More resting-time? More compassion? How might being kind to myself and trusting the process of Life create a more loving connection with the universe? 

Also on Monday, Mercury resumes its normal pace through the sky (now moving direct in Capricorn), ending its station. Communication and transportation are now back to “normal” as are any associated gadgets, vehicles, etc. New ideas and information received during the Mercury Retrograde phase (Dec. 29th – Jan. 18th) can now be reviewed.

Also, from today, January 23rd until April 21st, all planets will be in forward motion. This indicates an accelerated time of manifestation for most of us — especially connected to new projects or ideas.

Ask yourself: What in my life is asking for accelerated progress? What could I do if I had the support of the Universe?

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